Thursday, 17 December 2015

Amazing experience of having a dog

    Even though the summer finished long time ago, the dog days began in my life anew. My first, beloved dog, which was in my family during the last 10 years, died in July. Even before it's death, it was described by us as an ,,iconic" and ,,unique". It captured our attention like no one else. Of course, when our pug was getting older, we were predicting that it has to happen one day, but it's never possible to be prepared...
    After weeks of searching and contemplating breed, I decided at last to adopt a puppy - a mutt. I didn't want another pug which would of course be compared with the first one. But on the other hand, home without dog was so empty... So, one october sunday, little black furball appeared. A result of unplanned pregnant which is unluckily still so common among country dogs.

    Luna turned out to be a very smart dog. As every ,,puppy-raising-manual" says, it quickly started to accomodate to the family. At the beginning we were taking it for a walk every hour, which was sometimes challenging, but it brought benefits. It is 4 months old and it doesn't pee at home any more. And it's completly diffrent from the staid, phlegmatic pug - to make use of its energy it is necessary to play and walking with it a couple of hours a day. Dog is men's best friend - I can endorse it for sure. But it also changes lifestyle a lot. If you are not an early bird... If you travel a lot... If you are famous for a flash in the pan... Think it through once again.
    Christmas are coming so in the end I want to remind you: DOG IS NOT A GIFT. The problem of abandoned puppies - misguided presents - comes back every year. Promise your children a pet - but a stuffed one. Watch the short movie which I uploded - it is really moving...

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Hello - about blogging

    Hi. It's my second blog. I resigned from writing the first one, because I simply maxed it out. It doesn't mean, that I delated it - no, it's still available to read, plenty of photos (made by myself). If you want to find out something about Kashubia, which is my beloved region of Poland, drop in: Surfers the most often  are just catching a glimpse of blog posts without leaving any responses - support, disagreement, anything. It is quite demotivating and makes me feel like my reflections aren't attract anybodys attention... So you can imagine how joyful I were when some day I switched on my ,,Discover Kashubia" blog and I found a comment: ,,As a proud Kashubian-American, I enjoy your blog very much!". It buoyed me up.

    This time I'm changing over a subject matter to something more comprehensive. The address - ,,having moments" (to have moments) - means nothing less than having successful moments from time to time. And  did you contemplate the title - ,,dear diary"? Perhaps it sounds a little bit naively, but I chose this ,,teenage-journal-style" intentionally. I was just focused on Kashubia as yet. Now I want to share with you some of my revarding (or maybe morbid somethimes?) moments and reflexions that appears every day in my mind. Sounds a little bit vaguely? In fact it won't be a 'diary' (full of secrets and private matters), but invitation to considering some questions and maybe an inspiration...  Writing a blog is a very time-consuming activity so I hope you'll enjoy it. See you.

PS. Leave comments, communicate! :-)